In 2015, based on the hole in the market and the demand of our regular customers, we started developing a device that could manage the cascade injection process based on the injection length and the current position of the screw in the injection presses. Thanks to our many years of experience with injection technologies, we have been fighting for this challenge. And in the first half of 2016, we introduced serial production equipment for cascade injection control, depending on the spraying length of the KSV series.


2/2 2016_INOVACE A FACELIFT ZAŘÍZENÍ AMS - JDEME S DOBOU aneb pokrok nezastavíš - ams_smart

Although there are many monochrome panel fans and pushbutton switches that are intuitive and who do not mind when operating, that the operator or the setter is fitted with gloves or greasy hands from the machine setting and does not have to revert to the washroom at random when changing parameters Did not damage the touch panel. There are also such customers who produce in clean rooms and laboratory conditions. Not only for them, but also for our customers who wanted to keep up with time, we installed our touchscreen TFT panels in our AMS series. Along with this step, we also made AMS facelift devices and altered the desing device. We are starting new series production of AMS ST .. !!! AMS_ST is an innovative solution to the existing series. AMS Series Molecular Dryers. The AMS ST will be equipped with other possible additional options, such as automatic air flow control according to the number of hot air connections, dew point measurement and monitoring, and many more in addition to the normal AMS features. As it is customary for our products, it is possible to customize the equipment according to the customer's requirements and to adapt the device to its specific conditions and parameters. Despite the innovation, we want to meet the supporters of the existing AMS series, so we keep the monochrome panels with button switches on offer. There will only be a design change of design.

2/2 2016_automatizace - kooperativní robotická ramena

We are currently working on many projects that deal with the automation of production processes and entire production lines or habitats. Thanks to our years of experience in the plastics industry and automation, we meet Cooperative Robot Booms every day. That's why we launched a production division focusing on this issue. We offer our customers the custom production of peripherals and elements needed to automate the production line, including. Safety components, substructures, constructions, tables, shelters, and, of course, all the necessary elements for installing Cooperative Robots into the production process. In parallel with this step we cooperate with manufacturers of cooperative robotic arms and we also offer you their delivery incl. Already mentioned all the elements and peripherals that lead to the successful integration of intuitive cooperative robots into your production.