PP KOVANDA has been the official distributor of OnRobot A / S for the Czech Republic since 2018.
OnRobot A / S brings a comprehensive range of plug-and-produce robotic arm devices (EoAT) for collaborative applications. Our innovative grippers, sensors and tool changers help manufacturers take full advantage of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, such as cost-effectiveness and human safety.
"Innovations in end tools are pushing the boundaries for collaborative robotic innovation."
Our state-of-the-art EoAT products help small and medium-sized manufacturers optimize processes and grow their business through greater flexibility, higher performance and better quality. Get everything you need from one innovative company.
Complete line for collaborative applications
Along with the increasingly easy purchase and implementation of robots, EoAT tools have become essential in adapting collaborative and light industrial robots to a wide range of applications.
Our products are compatible with a number of commonly used robotic brands. With our integrated Quick Changer product, you can now work with more cobots and light industrial robots than ever before. It's easier to program more different robots using different options - URCap for Universal Robots, Fieldbus protocols or our new WebLogic for Digital I / O interface for other brands. Browse the list of robot manufacturers to find out which robot kit you need to integrate your solution. If your type is not listed, it does not mean that our end tool will not work - contact us and we will discuss your options. With the Digital I / O interface, our products work on virtually every robot.


Schunk Acc.

PP KOVANDA has been the official distributor of SCHUNK for the Czech Republic since 2020.
More than 30 years of experience in the field of handling and assembly automation.
Whether sensitive or strong, with two, three or four gripping fingers, parallel or centric, whether you need a stacking gripper or a long-stroke gripper.
SCHUNK offers everything in its portfolio, including the five-finger SVH gripping hand from the range of mobile gripping systems.
SCHUNK grippers are known for their accuracy, durability and robustness. They are synonymous with the stability and efficiency of the process in the field of assembly and handling. With more than 4,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the world's most comprehensive range of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric grippers.


Robotiq Acc.

PP KOVANDA has been a partner of the official distributor of ROBOTIQ for the Czech Republic since 2018.
Manufacturers try to introduce robots into their production practice, but this solution is often too expensive and complicated. ROBOTIQ effectors and know-how simplify applications with Universal Robots collaborative robots, so manufacturers can start robotics faster and with lower financial demands. Robotiq uses its worldwide network of robot experts to make customer support as effective as possible.
From the ROBOTIQ range, you will find a number of end effectors, a 3D camera, a force sensor, vacuum grippers and a set for polishing or grinding.


Festo Acc.

PP KOVANDA has been using Festo components for robotic applications since 2015.
Festo is a leading global supplier of automation technology and also a company that is strongly committed to providing industrial training and educational programs.
Whether it's a durable tool grip, a standard grip or a micro grip in electronics production, the Festo gripper range handles the most diverse tasks, such as the powerful and durable three-point HGDT gripper.
Grip plays an essential role in industrial automation and for human-robot cooperation.
The end unit on the robot arm is crucial for automating the gripping of parts. Whether you opt for a clamping grip, an adaptive gripper or vacuum suction cups - for all these cases, we offer robot grip kits that are specially prepared for Universal Robots arms.
Benefits for you:
  • Plug and work: via suitable mechanical and electrical interfaces to Universal Robots and related software
  • Universal Robots plug-in modules: for simple and fast commissioning, reliable operation and easy programming of robots with Festo grippers
  • We can flexibly use Festo components for any robotic application, even with custom grippers