HOT DRY AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying



Mobile adsorption drying units are used to dry process air for drying hydroscopic plastic granulate.

General description : 

The AMS series is standardly supplied with a drying efficiency of 100 to 1200 liters. Adsorption molecular drying units are designed as separate devices equipped with two absorbent cartridges. These cartridges are filled with absorbent material - the SIV DRI molecular sieve. It is a material with high absorption capacity at low relative humidity. The device offers full automatic operation, cycle switching, drying and regeneration. Also the possibility of connecting more HSS hot-air drying forces or LSS. Regeneration is provided by two independent heaters.

The benefits of molecular adsorption drying unit :

Increase quality of technological proce
Decreasing the drying time - limiting the degradation of the material by the process air temperature.
Minimal leakage of process air from the drying system.
Mobility - Air drying for multiple devices.
Total reduction of energy costs for drying material.
Cutting drying time up to 1/3 against classic hot air drying.


Note: AMS can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters, depending on the customer's wish. A device with a drying efficiency of 1200 liters is always custom-made.