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AMS st


The SMART adsorption Molecular Drying Unit serves for the perfect drying of the process air while drying the hygroscopic plastic granulate. AMS ST uses the technology to absorb air moisture through the adsorption molecular sieve to process process air. AMS ST works in the assembly, communicates and controls the HSS or LSS series equipment to heat the process air dried and then dry the material.

General description :

The AMS ST series is standardly supplied with a drying efficiency of 100 to 1200 liters. The SMART adsorption Molecular Drying Units are equipped with a frequency inverter. Thanks to this, AMS ST automatically adjusts the process output - dry air flow in the system according to the number of currently connected hot-air drying forces. Depending on the dew point, it automatically regulates the heating power during regeneration. AMS ST is equipped with two absorbent cartridges. These cartridges are filled with absorbent material - the SIV DRI molecular sieve. It is a material with high absorption capacity at low relative humidity. Regeneration is provided by two independent heaters. The device offers full automatic operation, cycle switching, drying and regeneration, HSS or LSS communication as well as weekly calendar settings for each silo separately. ASS ST can connect up to 8 HSS series hot-air dryers or 4 hot air drying silos for the LSS series press. 

The benefits of using the SMART adsorption molecular drying unit are:

Improving the technological process.
Decreasing the drying time - limiting the degradation of the material by the process air temperature.
Automatic air flow control according to the number of currently connected hot air drying forces.
Automatic control of output from measuring probes for ON-LINE moisture measurement of process material air.
Detection of dew point of regenerated cartridge.
Communication with hot air drying forces.
When the Weekly Sleep mode is active.
Minimal leakage of process air from the drying system.
Mobility - Air drying for multiple devices.
Total reduction of energy costs for drying material.
Cutting drying time up to 1/3 against classic hot air drying.
Note: AMS ST can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters, depending on the customer's wish. A device with a drying efficiency of 1200 liters is always custom-made.