HOT DRY AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying




The AMS Series Heatsink reduces the dew point and improves the drying of loose, less hygroscopic materials. CHM is an optional device for absorption molecular units. 

General description : 


CHM series equipment is supplied as a supplementary device for absorption molecular units. AMS cooler cools degenerated process air that has already undergone a drying cycle of less hygroscopic material and significantly reduces pressure dew point to as low as -60 ° C. When using CHM, the maximum drying temperature is set to 180 ° C. The CHM is a full-stainless steel construction with a self-powered cooling circuit. There is a 7 liter coolant inside the device. The cooling circuit is powered by water. When drying materials where CHM features are not needed, the heat sink can be disconnected and the hose system plugged out of the cooling circuit.

The benefits of using condenser for ams units :

Acceleration of the regeneration process in drying degraded process air drying.
Decrease of the dew point to - 60 ° C.
More efficient drying of loose, less hygroscopic materials.
Possibility of placing directly on the construction of the AMS series.
Independent cooling circuit.