Vznik firmy se datuje ke dni 8.9.2004 

Boosting Production of External Hot Inlet Regulators
Service installation of peripherals for the plastics industry for Moravia and Slezko



Expansion of peripheral production by mold tempering and material dispensing
Debugging and launching of the TAG series of tempering aggregates
Debugging and launching of a small-scale production of Volumetric VJD dosing units



Expansion of peripheral production by the vacuum conveying of material
The first implementation of central transport incl. Of all peripherals
Debugging and launching of a small-scale production of material suction devices
With an internal source of vacuum and vacuum sub-central material transport


Starting the development of peripherals dealing with drying and drying of material
The first realization of the molecular drier



Expansion of peripheral production by kiln drying and drying
Expansion of Separation production peripherals
Extending Production to Peripherals Occupying Storage
Launch of cooperation on the position of a supplier of peripherals to multinational companies in the field of automotive



Moving the company / premises to the industrial premises in the village of Zašová
Creating a stable background for plant production and development
Modernization of machinery for individual small-scale production (in-house)



Extends to the Division engaged in the production of Single-Purpose Machines



Moving of the company / premises to the industrial premises in the village of Dolni Becva
Creating new production facilities and administration
Increasing production capacities




At present, we have established small-series production focused on peripherals for the plastics industry. Thanks to many years of experience, development and continuous improvement of our products, we are now one of the leading Czech manufacturers focusing mainly on Transport, Drying and material drying. Since the company has entered the market for 12 years. During this period, we have established friendly and solid business relationships with our existing and newly established customers. Friendly behavior and the flexibility to customize individual devices according to your wishes we take as a very important part and it is one of the main theses of our company. The business card and our references are the fact that our customers are coming back to us. Which we consider to be very important. This is a great pleasure for you, both permanent and newly created customers, and we wish many successes and long years of mutual interaction.


Petr Kovanda a spol.