HOT DRY AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying


hot air drying silos

The hot air drying silos serve for the perfect drying of loose, more hygroscopic plastic granulates and pulp. Custom HSS can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.


General description :

The HSS series equipment is supplied as standard with a volume of 15 l to 1200 liters. The hot-air drying power is controlled separately by the PID controller with the option of adjusting the operating parameters. They work in an assembly with an AMS series device that ensures process air drying. The process air heating is provided by a heater with a regulation located directly on the HSS series. The drying silos are designed as a double-walled desiccant silo where the outer and inner shells are made of stainless steel and the filler ensures thermal insulation. The frame of the device is equipped with scroll wheels to allow easy handling and mobile movement.


Benefits of hot air drying silos : 

Improving the technological process.

Decreasing the drying time - limiting the degradation of the material by the process air temperature.

Minimal leakage of process air from the drying system.

Communication via serial line with AMS ST.

Total reduction in energy costs for drying material - reducing the drying time by up to 1/3 against conventional hot air drying