HOT COMPRESSED AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying



The compression membrane drying units serve to perfectly dry bulk hygroscopic plastic granules and pulp. Customers can customize the KMS according to their specific conditions and parameters.


General description :

The KMS series equipment is standardly supplied with a volume of 15-150 l of material. The compression membrane drying units are designed as separate units to ensure process air drying and also to perfectly dry bulky, less hygroscopic plastic granulates and pulp. Process air drying is provided by a highly selective membrane characterized by hollow water-permeable fibers through the differential pressure between the inner and outer sides of the membrane. The drying of the granulate is ensured by means of a heater. Thanks to its proportions, the KMS series can be placed directly on the injection molding machines or, On extruder lines.


The benefits of using the compression membrane drying unit:

Improving the technological process.
Weekly clock function.
Reduced pressure dew point of up to 70 ° C.
Minimum pressure loss of process air drying.
Possibility of suction process control for the NEX series suction material, NVT.
Possibility to place the device directly on injection. Presses or Extruder. Lines.
Humidity and all water vapor are diverted to ambient air.
Low acquisition costs.