HOT DRY AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying


hot air drying silos for pressing machine

The hot air drying press for the press serves for the perfect drying of loose hygroscopic plastic granules and pulp. Custom LSS can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters. 



The LSS series is standardly supplied with a material capacity of 15 l - 75 l. Due to its small parameters, the LSS can be placed directly on the injection molding machine or on the injection molding machine. Extruder lines. The function and operation of the hot-air material force on the LSS press is the same as the HSS. The LSS works in an assembly with an AMS series device that provides process air drying. The process air heating is provided by a PID controller with a working parameter setting located directly on the LSS. The drying silos are designed as a double-walled silo where the outer and inner shells are made of stainless steel and the padding provides thermal insulation.


The benefits of using hot air drying silos for pressing machines are:

Improving the process and positioning on the machine.
Decreasing the drying time - limiting the degradation of the material by the process air temperature.
Minimal leakage of process air from the drying system.
Total reduction in energy costs for drying material - reducing the drying time by up to 1/3 against conventional hot air drying.