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The world's only collaborative one with 35 kg payload

The Cobot CR-35IA is the most powerful collaborating robot in the world. It lifts 35 kg and, thanks to its reach and certificates of safe operation, is ideally suited for various manual processes that have traditionally had to be performed by people themselves. However, with the advent of the CR-35IA, big changes are taking place. From now on, it can lift and position heavy objects in various industries instead of operating. The operator will be able to concentrate on more technically demanding work. However, thanks to the force sensors and the soft rubber lining, it is always safe. The robot works next to humans or even collaborates with them. In any case, it is possible to guide and teach the robot. Or simply push away when more space is needed.

  • Load capacity 35 kg
  • Reach 1813 mm
  • Axis robot 6