material mixing valves

Material mixing valves are used to mix two materials with a different characteristic. At the customer's request, the MSV can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.

General description :

The MSV series are optional accessories for the material suction devices. They are supplied as standard with 40 or 50 mm connecting holes, depending on the type of suction. MSV assures mixing of materials for improved properties of final products according to supplier specifications. The pneumatic valve of the MSV mixing valve is controlled by a microcontroller of the material suction device. The compressed air source is supplied from a central pneumatic conveyance to a pneumatic valve that controls the pneumatic pistons to provide a cycle of mixing the material through the mixing chamber. Subsequently, the material is sucked into NIX series, NIX_AS, NEX.


The benefits of using material mixing valves : 

Improving the technological process.
Mixing two materials with different characteristics
Synchronization of the mixing valve with material suction devices.
Assemble the mixing valve directly on the material aspirators.
Effective blending in an adjustable ratio and layer.
Simple operation and maintenance-free operation.