n - box



The control unit with its own vacuum source is designed to control the suction process of the NEX series material suction nozzles. This is a simpler alternative to a small distribution of central distribution of material. Custom N-BOX can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.

General description :

The N-BOX series is designed to control up to 8 NEX series suction nozzles using a single user interface. The device is also equipped with a single vacuum source for all connected suction devices. The vacuum source is a standard version of a high-speed asynchronous motor for high-capacity suction with a long life. In case the customer requests to connect only 1 - 2 material suction nozzles to the N - BOX, a BASIC version with a high - speed motor with by - pass and two - stage turbine can be selected. The whole process is controlled by the PLC microcontroller through the user interface displayed on the 4.5-inch TFT-HMI panel. This ensures that all operating parameters, error states, and the current real time indicator are displayed. The user interface allows quick and effective setting of operating parameters. When placing NEX series on vertical injection machines, it is an indisputable advantage of placing the control interface of all connected suction devices in one accessible location. Thanks to this, the operator can conveniently change all parameters. The apparatus is equipped with an air filter filter for separating dust particles from a material which adversely affects the manufacturing process. NEX series material suction furnaces are standardized at the outlet with a separating sieve and this results in the separation of dust particles. This makes it easy and quick to clean the vacuum cleaner without filtering the suction filters.


The benefits of using control unit with own vacuum source for NEX series :

Improving the technological process.
Automatically controlled operation of up to 8 NEX series suction nozzles
Automatic cleaning of suction nets with compressed air after each suction cycle.
Fast change of all process parameters of the connected suction units from one control interface.
Separation of dust particles from the production process.
Rapid replacement of the vacuum source in the event of a need for replacement.
The device is designed for continuous use in operation
Simple and efficient operation.
Easy and effective filter cleaning.