Material mobile barcode hoppers serve to eliminate the human factor error when filling material hoppers. It provides protection against contamination of the entire production process by undesirable material in the form of a plastic granulate, pulp or powder. Customers can customize NBC devices according to their specific conditions and parameters.

General description :

The NBC series is standardly supplied with a capacity of 50 l - 300 liters in stainless steel with 1D / 2D / PDF417 bar code scanning. The material mobile barcode hopper serves to eliminate the human factor error. NBC is equipped with a barcode reader which, after reading the correct, programmed barcode, allows the operator to reach the material, The lid of the material hopper can only be opened if the correct pre-defined material is loaded. NBC is equipped with an electromagnetic lock. The entire process is controlled by the microcontroller. This ensures the control of operational and error conditions and also the possibility of reprogramming the material hopper for another type of material with a different barcode.


The benefits of using mobile material hopper barcode : 

Elimination of Human Fault Fault in Performance.
Providing protection against contamination of the entire production process.
Enhancing the technological process of performance.
Barcode scanning type 1D / 2D / PDF417.
Possible re-programming of the barcode.
Possibility to install a capacitive level sensor.
All-stainless design.