Material dust extraction cyclones serve to separate coarse impurities of the extracted material. The device is supplied separately or on request. In a kit with an air flow source that is secured by a conveying fan. At the customer's request, the OPC can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.

General description :

OPCs are standardly manufactured with an air flow rate of 10 [m3 / min] - 200 [m3 / min] with an external source of air flow. Cyclones OPC use the conical shape and principle of airflow to separate impurities. For the collection of sucked material, the device is equipped with a 50 l separating container (OPC 10, OPC 30) and 150 l (OPC 120, OPC 200). The separation vessel is of a circular shape, equipped with wheels for the movable movement of the separated material. In order to exchange a separate container, the device is provided with a closing mechanical control in the form of a shut-off flap. The position of the flap is sensed by an acoustic signal sensor.


The benefits of using magnetic dust extraction cyyclones are :

Highly efficient separation of coarse impurities of the extracted material.
Prevent damage to filter media and vacuum sources.
Mobile displacement of the separation vessel - easy to empty.
Possible combination with technological waste mills.