The Hot Inlet Cables are used to interconnect hot gullies with the heating of heating systems inside the injection mold and external Hot Inlet regulators. Interconnecting cables of hot inlets are mainly made to order. Customized cables can be customized according to their specific conditions and parameters. The PKV series can be connected to the injection mold by means of two types of cabling: the HASCO and / DME.

General description : 

The PKV series hot-wire connection cables are standardized in lengths of 2 to 4 meters, divided into two types of connection, namely to the HASCO type or to the type. DME. In the case of the HASCO type, the compensation and power lines are brought together in one wiring and a connector. One HASCO cable is designed for up to 4-6 control zones depending on the number of pins. In the case of the DME type, this is a pair of cables, one of which is a compensation line and a second power line. They are designed for up to 8-12 control zones depending on the number of pins. In the vast majority of cases, however, it is a custom production, where the customer determines the length, the type of connection, the type of terminals and the locks with locking.


The benefits of using hot inlet cables are :

Assembled into flexible PVC protectors with high protection against mechanical, thermodynamic and chemical damage.
Maximum shielding of the thermocouple line.