HOT AIR DRYING » Drying and dehumidifying




Drying aggregates of loose materials serve for the perfect drying of loose hygroscopic materials. Custom SAS can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.


General description :

The SAS series equipment is supplied as standard with drying efficiency and volume of the 30 l - 90 liters drying chamber. SAS are designed as separate units to ensure the perfect drying of loose, less hygroscopic materials. The drying of the bulk materials consists in circulating the hot process air and subsequently recovering it. With this solution, SAS drying units have very effective drying results and their operation is very economical. The dried material can be taken out manually by the outlet flap or by hand. Automatic by means of a pneumatic valve. The SAS Series can also be used on highly abrasive materials.


The benefits of using the drying aggregates of loose materials:

Improving the technological process.
Effective drying of both bulk and abrasive materials.
Minimal loss of process air drying.
The device is designed for continuous use in operation.
Maximum use of dried process air and its subsequent recovery.