Tempering aggregates are used for heating and tempering injection molds and thermal systems. They can be connected to molds for smaller to medium sized injection molding machines, Extruder lines. Custom TAGs can be customized according to their specific conditions and parameters.


General description : 

The TAG series are supplied with a heating capacity of 3 - 9 kW as standard, where the heat transfer medium is water. The parameter setting and change is performed via an intelligent PID controller with a thermocouple input, allowing FUZZY self-tuning with automatic PID constant calculation. The controller controls the heating / cooling mode and alerts the alarm when the temperature exceeds the allowed tolerance. The fixed thermostat disconnects the heating elements. The device is equipped with a float switch, which ensures that the heating is blocked and that the liquid is automatically replenished. All components that are in contact with the liquid are made with stainless steel.


The benefits of using temperature control units are :

Automatic tank refilling with water.
Simple operation and small installation dimensions.
Pressure mode at mold tempering / Suction mode at mold emptying.
PID temperature controller with auto tuning and self-tuning.
Indications of operating states and error messages.