Universal Robots UR3

The highly flexible Universal Robots UR3 robot guarantees high accuracy and accuracy for smaller production environments. UR3 can handle loads of up to 3kg, which is suitable for scientific, pharmaceutical, agricultural, electronic and technological operations. The works in which the UR3 excels include: assembly of small objects, gluing, screwing, tool control, soldering and painting.
With a compact design, the UR3 has a 500 mm range - it allows it to be used in confined spaces and practically in any industrial environment. The UR3 has an InfiniteSpin ™ device on the last joint to allow for screwdriving without additional equipment.
The Universal Robots UR3 is easy to program, offers fast setup, is cooperative and secure and, like others, our cooperative robots offer one of the fastest returns on investment in the industry.
Automation of tasks up to 3 kg
Range up to 500 mm