Volumetric dosing units serve to dispense plastic granules, pulp or powder in the form of dyes, additives or other admixtures into the base material. Custom VDJ can be customized according to its specific conditions and parameters.

General description : 

The VDJ series is standard supplied with a brushless motor and a planetary gearbox with a ratio of 1:10 to 1: 200. The VDJ series devices are controlled by a digital control unit that is equipped with a digital panel for setting process states. VDJ allows sequential and continuous operation. Continuous operation can also be set in manual or Automatic mode. The VDJ G Series and the VDJ P Series Dose Dispenser are designed for dosing granulate or pulp. Differences are in material hoppers and dosing chambers. Where the VDJ G series is a full-stainless steel hopper with a volume of 3-10 liters and the dosing chamber is a screw. In the VDJ P series, the hopper is vertical in part from a clear 7 μL PMMA and is a spiral in the dosing chamber.


The benefits of using volumetric dosing units are :

Improving the technological process.
Continuous operation - brushless DC motor.
Simple change of dispensing chamber and screw / spiral.
High mechanical resistance - stainless steel.
Synchronization with the machine in automatic mode.
Simple operation and maintenance.