company profile

The company Petr Kovanda, operating under the PP KOVANDA brand, is primarily engaged in the sale and serial or custom production of peripherals for the plastics industry.

We are specialists in the field of drying and conveying for the plastics industry.

To ensure the quality of your production program, PP KOVANDA has a division focusing on fast and efficient service.

In recent years, a new division has also emerged focusing on the custom production of single-purpose devices in the field of automation and integration of robotic arms into existing and newly established operations.

The company Petr Kovanda was founded in 1997 and to this day we already supply to international companies, where we are the exclusive supplier of peripherals and automation lines.

Thanks to many years of experience, development and continuous improvement of our products, we are one of the leading Czech manufacturers.

The PP KOVANDA production program is focused primarily on the serial production of peripherals for the plastics industry with the possibility of modifying individual devices according to the specific customer wishes and needs.

We have a wide range of production options to ensure high quality custom and mass-produced equipment.

Company has 3 divisions:

1) Peripherals for the plastics industry
  • Own production in the field of DRYING and DEHUMIDIFYING
    • POKA YOKE adsorption molecular drying units ALL-IN-ONE
    • Adsorption molecular drying units SMART
    • Hot air drying silos
    • Compression membrane drying units
    • Drying aggregates
  • Own production in the field of CONVEYING
    • Control units
    • Vacuum and filtration units
    • Material loaders
    • Vacuum and blending valves
    • Material hoppers
    • Spiral conveyors
  • Own production in the field of SEPARATION and STORAGE
    • Dedusting cyclones
    • Magnetic separators
    • Material mobile hoppers and containers
    • Stationary silos
  • TOOL-TEMP tempering and cooling devices 
  • MOLD-MASTERS hot runner controllers
  • MAGUIRE drying, dosing, blending and grinding equipment
  • MODITEC low speed and blade granulators
  • Conveyors, furnaces and other single-purpose equipment
2) Service
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Profilactics and calibration
  • Preventive inspections
  • Other service repairs
3) Robotization and automation
  • UNIVERSAL ROBOTS - Collaborative robots
  • FANUC - Collaborative and industrial robots
  • MiR - Mobile industrial robots
  • MITSUBISHI - Industrial Robots
  • ONROBOT - Accessories for robots
  • SCHUNK - Robot accessories and clamping technology for automation
  • ROBOTIQ - Accessories for robots
  • FESTO - Accessories for robots


We currently have established small series production focusing on peripherals for the plastics industry. Thanks to many years of experience, development and continuous improvement of our products, we are now one of the leading Czech manufacturers focusing primarily on conveying, drying and dehumidifying of materials. It has been 23 years since our company entered the market. During this period, we have built friendly and strong business relationships with our existing and newly established customers. We take quality, expertise and the possibility to flexibly adjust individual equipment according to your wishes as a very important part and it is one of the main theses of our company. Our references is the fact that our customers return to us, which we consider very important. Many thanks to our regular and newly established customers and we wish you a lot of success and many years of interaction.