Gravimetric blenders

  • MAG WSB_Gravimetric blender
  • MAG WXB_Gravimetric blender with extrusion control
  • MAG MGF_Gravimetric feeder

Gravimetric multicomponent blenders prepare the material mixture gradually from batch to batch. The individual materials are gradually passed through the dosing valves into the weighing vessel. The whole batch is then released into the mixing chamber, where it is blended. The machines work independently of the injection molding machine or extruder. The new dosing cycle begins when the level sensor is exposed, when the mixing chamber is able to receive the next dose of mixture.

Volumetric feeders

  • MAG MCF_Volumetric feeder
  • MAG MLG_Volumetric feeder "Little Guy"
  • MAG MRF_Volumetric crumb feeder
  • MAG MPF_Volumetric powder feeder
  • MAG MSF_Volumetric extruder filling feeder
  • VDJ_Volumetric dosing units KOVANDA

Volumetric dosing units are used for dosing plastic granules, crumb or powder in the form of dyes, additives or other admixtures into the base material. Screw or spiral dosing technology based on the speed of the drive unit.

Liquid color pumps

  • MAG MPA_Liquid peristaltic pump
  • MAG MS4_Peristep pump
  • MAG MDA_Color pump

Volumetric liquid peristaltic pumps dispense the color concentrate in the form of a liquid directly into the neck at the inlet to the injection unit or extruder. In injection molding machines, the dosing unit is connected to a plasticization contact and the material is dosed only when the material is plasticized. For extruders, the dosing unit is connected to an analog extruder speed signal of 0-10 V and adjusts its speed according to the extruder power. They do not require calibration.

Blending of material

  • MAG MPM_Pre-mixer

Technology of mechanical blending and mixing of the dosed material to create a blended homogeneous mixture.