As a device manufacturer, our priority is to make our customers always satisfied. Therefore, we have no problem providing you with exclusive warranty service conditions in the Czech Republic and adjacent countries within the EU. One of the main thrusts of our company is to design individual devices to resist inappropriate handling, but mostly to function reliably and seamlessly not only for the duration of the warranty but also long after. We achieve this by choosing high quality and proven components. The design of each device is developed and then manufactured with the utmost consideration of every detail. However, if this happens very rarely, the situation may be that the equipment breaks down and needs to be quickly responded to avoid unnecessary delays and shutdown of the production line while the complaint is being resolved. That's why we offer you the above-mentioned exclusive warranty terms and we guarantee maximum deployment to resolve warranty service repairs in the shortest possible time. If you are interested in using exclusive warranty service terms, we suggest that you enter into a contractual relationship that is tailored to your business. Otherwise, the Warranty Terms are determined in accordance with applicable Czech law.


In addition to the warranty provided by law, the contractor undertakes to provide a warranty for the equipment for 2 years from delivery under normal manufacturing conditions (24 hours a day, 240 business days per year) if all the maintenance requirements in the operating and maintenance instructions are met. If the Contracting Authority notifies the Contractor of a defect, the Contractor shall be obliged to remove this defect immediately upon such notification at his own expense. The length of time the contractor removes the defect is not counted in the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to consumables subject to mechanical wear and tear and defects caused by the fault of the customer. Operator or third party. Only authorized persons may operate and operate the system.
The Contractor undertakes within 48 hours of notification of the defect by the Client, to deliver the equipment to a Service Repair site. The Contractor further undertakes to repair the defect within 5 working days of notification of the defect by the Contracting Authority at its own expense. In cases where a defect can be detected that can be remedied directly by the contracting entity, the contracting authority undertakes to make it available to the contractor for the whole service period.
During the agreed warranty period, the contractor is responsible for maintaining the availability of spare parts to the equipment, at least to the extent appropriate to the list of recommended spare parts for the equipment that the contractor has provided to the procuring entity as part of the documentation. At the same time, the contractor is obliged to keep in stock a sufficient number of these spare parts for the equipment to cover the needs of the contracting entity.