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granulators GOLIATH PLUS

MO.DI.TEC Low speed granulators of the Goliath Plus series are primarily intended for grinding plastic directly by the injection molding machine. The granulators are quiet and the resulting resin is almost dust-free.


The devices of the Goliath Plus series are manufactured in five versions, where each of the versions can be supplied in two modifications, where the motors are mounted differently, ie vertical or horizontal mounting:

  • Goliath Plus G1 - cutting chamber dimensions 229 x 172 mm
  • Goliath Plus G2 - cutting chamber dimensions 229 x 265 mm
  • Goliath Plus G3 - cutting chamber dimensions 229 x 359 mm
  • Goliath Plus G4 - cutting chamber dimensions 229 x 453 mm
  • Goliath Plus TWIN - cutting chamber dimensions 510 x 453 mm

Goliath plus series granulators can be equipped with metal detection directly into the cutting chamber. Standard granulators without major wear can grind plastics with up to 30% glass content. With a higher glass content, the granulators can be equipped with grinding components that withstand up to 70% glass. The granulators can be equipped with polycarbonate hoppers of various shapes "B" "C" "D" or automatic hoppers, which open only when inserting plastic parts into the granulator, which is currently standing. High security. Goliath Plus Twin is designed for grinding larger parts or with a requirement for higher grinding performance. All granulators are equipped with a rotating bottom hopper with an outlet to the loader and wheels with a brake for easy handling. The advantage of the Moditec Goliath Plus granulator is also easy cleaning, where after uncovering the cutting chamber you vacuum the remnants of the material and in a short time you can start grinding another material or paint. For larger parts, the granulator can be equipped with a patented Mashers pressure device! The Mashers option pushes larger parts into the cutting chamber and, thanks to this device, even large parts are crushed unattended.


  • Low operating speed 26 rpm
  • Almost no noise and dust during operation
  • Option for Metal detection directly in the cutting chamber
  • Option for ABS system for easy operation of the granulator
  • Patented Mashers option for processing bulky parts
  • Possibility to place the device with a screw feeder directly under the injection molding machine
  • Mobile solution - the possibility of fast transport