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The perfect match between a small size and a heavy payload

The Cobot CR-14iA / L is a special cooperating robot from FANUC and combines the functions of the big brother CR-15iA and the smaller brother CR-7iA. It was developed to work safely and efficiently. Thanks to the combination of reach, payload and size, it can be used in many areas of application, such as loading and unloading machines and other automated tasks in the plant. It can provide support to the operator in places where it is too tight to use larger robots, but it is necessary to use a large payload and a long range. Functions and benefits can be used without any problems and directly thanks to easy programming and clear guidance for teaching and handling. Despite its green appearance, it functions like any FANUC industrial robot and can reliably repeat the same movement with a maximum deviation of ± 0.01 mm.

  • Load capacity14 kg
  • Reach 911 mm
  • Axis robot 6