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Cooperation is key

The Cobot CR-7IA (CR-7IA / L) is a small and flexible collaborative robot. It can take care of light (up to 7 kg), but tedious and repetitive manual tasks involving various types of material handling, which would otherwise take a lot of time. According to the customer's needs, the robot can be programmed to perform complete production processes that require a stable and guaranteed level of quality. These tasks can be very diverse - from assembling small parts to repetitive activities such as moving objects from one place to another. It has a long reach of 911 mm, making it an ideal candidate for machine operation and palletizing.

Due to the fact that the robot is equipped with proven sensor technology, which automatically stops when it hits a fixed object or the operator, it is not necessary to lock the robot in a cage. This not only saves space but also reduces production costs. The robot is compatible with existing FANUC accessories, such as iRVision.

The robot comes in two different sizes - a standard arm version and a long arm version - and they are very similar. The benefits of each version depend on the customer's needs, a standard arm is more suitable if you have space problems, while if your workspace is wide, a long arm can reach further.

  • Load capacity 7 kg
  • Reach 717 mm - version CR-7iA
  • Reach 911 mm - version CR-7iA / L
  • Axis robot 6