Molds maintenance


mold tightness testing unit

Mold tightness testing unit is used to verify the tightness of all joints during maintenance or cleaning of injection molds. According to the customer's wishes, the ZTF device for pressing the mold can be equipped with electric pulse pump or system for connection to the central compressed air supply. The customer can also choose a variant with an automatically controlled test course or a variant with manual control.


The ZTF series devices are supplied as standard with a stainless steel filling container volume of 20 l. It is a mobile device used to test the tightness of injection molds. The device is connected to a central compressed air distribution system, which ensures pressurization of the injection mold with water up to 6-7 [bar]. The control of the test course is manual. The device is equipped with a centrifugal pump which ensures the flow of water in the circuit and pressurization to 2 bar. Pressurization to 6 bar is provided by an expansion pressure vessel connected to the central air distribution. The course of pressurization is controlled through solenoid valves and pressure switches. The device is equipped with a manometer for the visual course of pressurization. ZTF is also equipped with a flow switch which signals the given state.


  • Fast and efficient verification of mold tightness
  • Injection mold pressure up to 7 bar
  • Automatic suction of water from the injection mold after the test
  • Possibility to control the testing process automatically - type ZTF_EC_PLC / ZTF_VZ_PLC
  • Possibility to control the testing process manually - type ZTF_EC_MANUAL / ZTF_VZ_MANUAL
  • Possibility of mobile transfer directly to the injection molding machine
  • Visual inspection of the pressure in the connected system